LSU Fraternity Mocks Football Opponent Kent State By Invoking The Shooting That Killed Four Students


kent state
A fraternity at Louisiana State University may be disciplined for hanging a banner taunting Kent State University with a reference to the 1970 shootings at the university. Delta Kappa Epsilon brothers hung the sign before the LSU-Kent State game last Saturday, showing their school spirit by proclaiming: “Getting massacred is nothing new to Kent State.”

The banner refers to the historic tragedy when Ohio National Guard troops fired 67 rounds at student protesters, killing four and wounding nine others. Kent State released the following response: “We take offense to the actions of a few people last night who created an inappropriate sign and distracted from the athletic contest on the field.”

The frat apologized once news of the stunt went viral, claiming they “did not grasp the full scope of the tragedy and its long lasting effects.” System President and Baton Rouge Chancellor King Alexander said Monday they may be disciplined, telling The Advocate, “Hopefully they’ll use better judgment from now on.”

The message may have some trouble sinking in, as this banner was hardly an isolated incident of poor judgment. The university’s DKE chapter is apparently notorious for hanging offensive banners playing on tragedies. Referencing the Aurora theater shooting that killed 12 people last year, one sign read: “Like the Batman Premiere, We’re Starting Off With a Bang!”