BREAKING: Two People Shot At Tennessee Navy Base


In an incident echoing the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC last month, an as yet unidentified assailant shot at least two people at a Navy base in Millington, Tennessee. The base is currently on lock down, but reports indicate the shooter is in custody.


NBC reports that this incident appears to be fairly limited in scope — “3 National Guardsman got into an argument, one shot the other two in the foot and leg.”

Although incidents like this normally do not receive the press coverage afforded to mass shootings, they are far more common. According to Washington State Sociology Professor Jennifer Schwartz, “[n]early half of all homicides, committed by men or women, were preceded by some sort of argument or fight, such as a conflict over money or property, anger over one partner cheating on another, severe punishment of a child or abuse of a partner, retaliation for an earlier dispute, or a drunken fight over an insult or other affront.”

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