George Zimmerman’s Hometown Bans Guns For Neighborhood Watches


The town where Trayvon Martin was killed back in February of 2012 has created new rules for neighborhood watch participants. Sanford, Florida’s neighborhood watch volunteers will no longer be allowed to carry guns, and or to actively pursue someone they think is suspicious.

Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, was a volunteer on neighborhood watch in his gated community in Sanford.

Around the time of the shooting, other neighborhood watch members trashed Zimmerman for his actions on that fateful night. “In no program that I have ever heard of does someone patrol with a gun in their pocket,” the Executive Director of Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami-Dade told theGrio. A neighborhood watchman added in a Wall Street Journal editorial, “George Zimmerman gives neighborhood watch volunteers a bad name.” Even one of Zimmerman’s fellow neighborhood watchmen said that Zimmerman shouldn’t have had a gun.

A Sanford spokesperson agreed with this sentiment when announcing the laws on Wednesday. “Neighborhood watch was always intended to be a program where you observe what is going on and report it to police,” Shannon Cordingly told Yahoo News. “In light of everything that has gone on, that’s what we’re really going to go back and push.”

The new neighborhood watch rules will be rolled out on November 5th.