Native American Skin Color Used In Tanning Salon’s Ad Campaign


Club Sun Color Studios, a chain of tanning salons in Florida and Alabama, recently promoted “sexy color” in an advertisement featuring a White woman dressed in a Native American costume. Under a headline reading, “Have a ‘Colorful Thanksgiving,'” and the sub-headline, “The Indians brought more than just ‘corn’ to the first Thanksgiving, they brought sexy color,” the woman in stereotypical Native American apparel is standing next to what is, presumably, a sexy pilgrim.

The Thanksgiving-themed ad has raised eyebrows. As of last night, it was removed from the chain’s Facebook page and website.

In spite of campaigns encouraging students to refrain from donning insensitive costumes during the Halloween season, the offensive trend continues to be perpetuated by businesses that capitalize on ethnic and cultural differences.

(HT: Jezebel)