Michigan Police Allegedly Disseminate Video Of Black Men Told To ‘Dance Like A Chimp’

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CREDIT: Shutterstock

The Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Department is investigating video posted on a local blog purportedly filmed by police officers who told black men to sing and “dance like a chimp.” The blog is reporting that Grosse Point police are disseminating a number of humiliating videos and photos of black men. In one incident, an officer allegedly texted a photo of a black man in the back of his trailer with the text, “Gotta love the coloreds.” In the video posted online, that same officer is purportedly telling a mentally ill black man to sing.

The blog, Motor City Mucracker, has posted photos and video that are fuzzy and difficult to decipher. The author of the blog is Steve Neavling, a former Detroit Free Press reporter who now writes for Reuters. Neavling told the Huffington Post that he has more than a dozen videos shot by officers in the upper class, majority-white Detroit suburb, but has not shared most of them because of their “humiliating nature.” The public safety department issued a statement saying has commenced an internal investigation and does “not tolerate unprofessional conduct by its officers.”