Stand Your Ground Bill Advancing In Ohio


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A gun bill that would institute sweeping “Stand Your Ground” immunity for civilians who use deadly force advanced in the Ohio House Tuesday, passing a House committee 7-4, over the objections of the state’s law enforcement community.


The full House passed the bill by a vote of 62-27 late Wednesday. The Senate, which is more than two-thirds Republican, has not yet considered the bill.

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The NRA-backed bill mirrors those in Florida and at least 21 other states that authorize the use of deadly force with no duty to retreat anywhere a person has a lawful right to be. Existing Ohio law eliminates the duty to retreat only when a person is in their home or vehicle. The bill, however, does not appear to grant explicit wholesale immunity to those who raise a Stand Your Ground defense, as the law in Florida does.

The bill also includes other NRA-friendly provisions, including reducing the training time to obtain a concealed carry permit from 12 hours to 4 hours, and allowing automatic permit reciprocity with any state that recognizes Ohio’s licenses.

On Wednesday, opponents of the gun bill flooded Gov. John Kasich’s (R) phone line with pleas to veto the bill.