After Outcry, Judge Will Resentence Rapist Who Got Away With No Prison Time

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Alabama Circuit Court Judge James Woodroof has caved to demands that he reconsider his sentence of a convicted rapist, following the judge’s decision to suspend the rapist’s sentence to probation with no jail time.

In an order filed Tuesday, Woodroof said Austin Smith Clem will face resentencing. Earlier this week, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals stayed the judge’s original sentence and said it would review the decision.

In his original sentencing order, Woodroof reduced the rapist’s 10- and 20-year prison sentences to two years in a program for nonviolent criminals and three years on probation. The surprising sentence prompted the rape survivor to come forward publicly about her ordeal. Courtney Andrews, now a 20-year-old student, explained her family was stunned that a man who raped her three times, including when she was 14, faced such light treatment.