Departing NYPD Commissioner Will Get 10 Officer Security Detail — Costing $1.5 Million A Year


New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will step down next month. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio (D) is an outspoken critic of the “stop-and-frisk” tactics utilized by Kelly, and he’s said that he does not plan to keep Kelly on the job when he succeeds Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) in January. Yet, when Kelly leaves office, he will depart with a very expensive perk. Ten officers, including a lieutenant, three sergeants and six detectives, will provide security to the soon-to-be ex-Commissioner.

According to reporter Murray Weiss, these ten officers earn an average salary of $140,000 a year. Once overtime is added in, Weiss’ sources tell him that “the total cost to provide around-the-clock coverage for the spry 74-year-old commissioner could top $1.5 million.” The detail will “chauffeur and protect Kelly and his family around-the-clock in the Big Apple and even out of town.”