62 Percent Of Utah’s Gun Permits Held By People Outside Utah

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The number of concealed permits from Utah has hit a new record of more than a half-million people, according to new data from the Utah Department of Public Safety. Nearly two-thirds of these permit-holders have never had to step foot in the state. Known as a state that rarely rejects concealed carry applicants, Utah saw a spike in applications immediately after the Sandy Hook shooting and a reinvigorated debate for gun reform.

The Salt Lake Tribune put together a chart that shows the growth of Utah permits. 62 percent of which are now held by out-of-state residents:

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CREDIT: Salt Lake Tribune

For an out-of-stater to get a permit, Utah only requires applicants to complete a “weapon familiarity course,” pay a $50 processing fee, and prove they are not a felon. The course is by no means comprehensive; at as short as four hours, it serves as a rubberstamp for people who have no idea how to handle a firearm.

People with permits can then carry guns across 35 states:


CREDIT: Utah Department of Public Safety