Campus Officer Shoots And Kills Texas Student During Traffic Stop

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CREDIT: Screenshot from KABB San Antonio

Robert Cameron Redus

Robert Cameron Redus

CREDIT: Screenshot from KABB San Antonio

A campus police officer shot and killed a San Antonio college student early Friday during a traffic stop.

Robert Cameron Redus, 23, was pulled over around 2:30 a.m. for driving erratically, according to a police report. Police said a “struggle ensued between the suspect driver and the police officer” before Cpl. Christopher Carter fired several shots. Police told ABC News they don’t know the cause of the struggle, or why Carter fired the shots. But one witness said he heard someone say “‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’ like sarcastic almost,” before he heard 4-6 shots fired. Redus was pronounced dead at the scene. Carter was put on paid administrative leave while authorities investigate the incident.

Redus was a communications major at University of the Incarnate Word who was described by several friends and neighbors as “the nicest guy” whose greatest strength was compassion. He was co-valedictorian of his high school and was on the dean’s list the last two semesters.

Carter was one of 17 officers employed by the University of the Incarnate. He was licensed and trained by the state as a peace officer, and held nine jobs in the last eight years, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Redus’ death is one of a spate of police shootings of unarmed individuals including youths, the mentally ill, and even dogs. In another deadly incident with a college student just last month, police shot and killed a 19-year-old on Iowa State University’s campus who had driven off in his father’s truck. The county attorney deemed the use of force “justified.”

Redus’ death is still under investigation.

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