Senate Candidate Claims He Was Endorsed By NRA After NRA Endorses His Opponent


Despite once being referred to as “the closest his state ever came to electing a gun,” Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) was passed over for the National Rifle Association’s endorsement this week, with the group opting instead to back Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) in the Texas Republican Senate primary.

But that’s not stopping Stockman from claiming the NRA’s endorsement anyway.

Stockman was indeed endorsed by the NRA in his 2012 congressional bid and has been a stringent opponent of new laws to cut down on gun violence in Washington. Many expected he would receive the NRA’s nod as he challenges Cornyn for his Senate seat, but Cornyn prevailed on that front this week.

“We urge all NRA members and like-minded supporters to vote John Cornyn for U.S. Senate on March 4,” the group said in its endorsement speech.

Yet on his Senate campaign website, Stockman writes that he was “Endorsed by the National Rifle Association.”

See a screenshot below:

Stockman NRA

Though this line may have been added to refer to Stockman’s past endorsement in his congressional bid, he gives no indication on this page that he is referring to a past endorsement and not a current one. Stockman also lists the NRA’s endorsement on his “Endorsements” page, although this page explicitly refers to “Past and Present Endorsements.”

ThinkProgress contacted Stockman’s spokesman for comment and will update if they respond.