Woman Apparently Injured Falling Out Of Cop Car Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted By Cop

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Kim Nguyen, a pharmacist from Los Angeles, was out drinking with two male friends last March when she was arrested for being intoxicated and placed in the back of a police car. Six days later she woke up in a hospital with her jaw wired shut and bruises all over her body.

What happened in the interim is unclear, although surveillance video suggests that Nguyen either leaped from or fell from the police car that was carrying her and that her injuries may have resulted from when she hit the street.

To make matters worse, Nguyen claims in a deposition from last month that she was being sexually assaulted by one of the arresting officers shortly before she tumbled out of the vehicle. According to Nguyen, the officer “was grabbing my left inner thigh, um, trying to, I’m assuming, opening my legs” and “touching her chest, grabbing at it.”

Nguyen has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department regarding this alleged sexual assault.