Man Charged With Shooting And Killing Neighbors Because He Thought They Were Trespassing

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Sixty year-old Garrick Hopkins was showing his brother Carl a property in Barboursville, WV that he had recently purchased and where he planned to build a home when the two men were fatally shot. Police charged his neighbor Rodney Bruce Black with two counts of first degree murder for the killings. Black incorrectly believed that the Hopkins brothers were trespassing on his land.

According to the criminal complaint, Black told detectives that after seeing two men “shaking the door on his tool shed in his backyard” he grabbed his rifle, loaded the gun, and shot both men from his window. Black admits that he did not warn the men or call 911.

The shed that Black claimed the men were attempting to break into was on Garrick Hopkins’ land and belonged to him, according to police.

Inside Black’s home, authorities seized multiple weapons and a stockpile of ammunition. Black is currently being held without bond in the Western Regional Jail and his preliminary hearing is set for February 4.

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