Wisconsin Speaker Claims ‘Nobody Cares’ That He Owes His Job To Rigged Maps

CREDIT: AP Photo/Scott Bauer

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) owes his job to gerrymandered maps. In 2012, 53 percent of Wisconsin’s voters cast a ballot for a Democratic member of the state assembly. Nevertheless, Vos’ Republicans hold a massive 60-39 seat advantage. The state’s legislative maps were drawn by Republicans and signed into law by Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Nevertheless, Vos claimed that “nobody cares” about redistricting during a meeting with the Wisconsin State Journal’s editorial board. He added that the “legislature are the people who are elected to draw the maps. We’re the ones that are accountable, [and] if people were upset about the way that the maps were drawn, we would not have won election.”

Except, of course, for the fact that the voters of Wisconsin tried to vote Vos’ Republicans out of office. Or, at least, 53 percent of them did.

At the congressional level, Wisconsin was one of several states that President Obama won in 2012 that nonetheless sent a largely Republican delegation to Congress: