George Zimmerman Won’t Say If He Regrets Killing Trayvon Martin


“Do you regret that you killed Trayvon Martin?”

George Zimmerman, Martin’s acquitted killer, had difficulty answering this in an interview CNN aired on Monday. “Unfortunately, the Department of Justice is conducting a civil rights investigation,” Zimmerman said. “Certainly, I think about that night and I think my life would be tremendously easier if I stayed home.”

Zimmerman told CNN’s Chris Cuomo he is not haunted by the events of the night he shot Martin. He also could not say for certain that Martin would be alive today if he could redo that night. “That’s a presumption I can’t make,” he said to Cuomo’s repeat questions. “I could have gotten in a car accident when I left […] He wouldn’t have ended up attacking me either if I stayed home.”

Watch it:

If Martin had lived, he would be 19 years old today. Asked what he would say to Martin’s family today, Zimmerman paused before saying, “I would say exactly what I said on the stand. That I’m sorry for their loss. And just exactly what I said on the stand.” Cuomo pressed Zimmerman to explain more, but he merely replied that he already made his apology.

Since the murder trial, Zimmerman has faced multiple allegations (later dropped) of domestic violence as well as accusations that he is now seeking to profit from Martin’s death.