Man Allegedly Shoots And Kills 15-Year-Old Girl For Egging A Car

CREDIT: Fox 16

Adrian Broadway.

An Arkansas man faces a murder charge for allegedly gunning down a car filled with teenagers who had wanted to play a prank on his son. One of the passengers, 15-year-old Adrian Broadway, died from a gunshot wound to the head on Saturday.

The teens said they were pranking Willie Noble’s son by covering his car with eggs and leaves, which is when Noble reportedly arrived with a shotgun. “Apparently Mr. Noble’s teenage son had done a prank on some of the kids that were inside the vehicle on Halloween Night,” Lieutenant Sidney Allen said. “As a result they were doing a retaliation prank and it ultimately had deadly results.” In addition to first degree murder, Noble has been charged with committing a terrorist act and five counts of aggravated assault.

“It was supposed to be a prank,” Kortazha Williams, who was in the car with Broadway, told KTHV. “We were supposed to get up right now, and we were supposed to laugh.”

It is difficult to imagine this tragedy would have happened if the man had not had a gun in his home. A gun in one’s home tends to increase the risk that someone will be shot in a domestic violence incident, accident, or suicide. Nearly half the time, homicides are not planned. Instead, they are prompted by unanticipated anger, such as an argument or fight.

Gun advocates have considered bringing controversial Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws to Arkansas, even though they tend to promote vigilantism by removing a gun-owner’s duty to retreat.