Georgia House Of Representatives Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

CREDIT: Associated Press

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CREDIT: Associated Press

The Georgia House of Representatives on Monday approved a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. The vote came just under the wire for Georgia’s legislative ‘crossover day,’ the cutoff by which legislators need to sort legislative priorities that will go forward versus those that will be shelved.

If the bill gains approval in Georgia’s senate and is signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal (R), it would become the first southern state to pass a medical marijuana law. But it does not go as far as other states’ marijuana laws. The legislation would allow pot to be used only to treat cancer patients, sufferers of glaucoma, and some people with seizures, and the medication would need to be taken in liquid, injection, or pill form.

While the dark red state might not seem like a hotbed of support for marijuana reform laws, a survey commissioned by the National Organization for Marijuana Reform Laws and conducted by Public Policy Polling last month found that 57 percent of Georgia voters approve of legalizing pot for medicinal purposes.