‘Sluts Are Just Whores In Training,’ And Other Wisdom Offered By A Sitting Arkansas Judge

CREDIT: AP Photo/Arkansas Secretary of State, Danny Harris

Judge Mike Maggio

If you have gay sex, then it is just a “small step” to sex with a dog. “Sluts are just whores in training.” Women shouldn’t make an “emotional decision to divorce because the husband stepped out” if he was a “good provider.” And, whatever you do, don’t go to Disney World during “gay/lesbian week.”

Those are just some of the gems uncovered after the Arkansas blog Blue Hog Report discovered that an pseudonymous commenter on a message board for Louisiana State University fans was sitting Arkansas state Judge Mike Maggio. Judge Maggio, who posted under the username “geauxjudge” offered questionable views on race, sexuality, women and many other issues.

The comment about sex with dogs arose in a discussion thread about a “Vegas woman arrested for sex with pit bull.” Maggio suggested that “TGGLBS sex” — an apparent reference to “transgender, gay, lesbian or bisexual sex” — is a gateway to copulating with canines:

pit bull post

On the subject of race, Maggio appears to rely on racial stereotypes in a question asking whether the word “Indian” refers to Native Americans or South Asians, and he reminisces about attending segregated theaters where he “used to wonder why [African Americans] got the balcony seats.”

Indian comment

Maggio’s most disturbing statement, however, may be a description of something called “Rodeo sex,” which appears to be when man tries to physically force a woman to continue having sex with him after he has said something to her that causes her to withdraw her consent:

rodeo sex

Arkansas law defines rape as “sexual intercourse or deviate sexual activity with another person . . . [b]y forcible compulsion.”