The Disgusting, Unapologetic Rant Of A Millionaire Who Allegedly Beat His Girlfriend 117 Times

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On Saturday night, the Internet advertising company RadiumOne fired their CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal. Until recently, however, Chahal appeared likely to wind up in prison. The tech millionaire allegedly beat his girlfriend 117 times over a 30 minute period, telling her four times that he was “going to kill” her. Police say that they have video documenting this entire brutal incident. Chahal, however, escaped without being convicted of any felony charges — in large part because a judge ruled that the video could not be used against him because police seized it without a warrant.

Instead, Chahal plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges and he received a $500 fine.

Not long after RediumOne’s board voted to fire Chahal, he posted an unapologetic rant on his personal blog under the headline “Can You Handle the Truth?” In it, Chahal literally accuses his girlfriend of being a whore. He paints himself as the real victim in these events. And he suggests that he was targeted because America is fundamentally unfair to people with wealth, power or influence. “Celebrities in sports, entertainment and business, and high net worth individuals in general are all potential targets,” the tech millionaire wrote. “It was only a matter of time when I would fall prey.”

To Chahal, the prosecutors who charged him with over 45 felony counts were “rabid dogs coming after me.” He claims that he fought with his girlfriend because she “was having unprotected sex for money with other people.” And he blames the widespread reporting on his case on “overblown drama because it generates huge volumes of page views for the media given what I have accomplished in the valley.”

He also wants people to believe that he’s suffered really badly because of these charges:

I fully understand the outrage of those who believe I got off “lightly” as asserted by numerous postings on social media sites. But the $500 fine I agreed to pay, the equivalent of a speeding ticket, is simply what those misdemeanors require, and in no way reflects the toll that this ordeal has exacted on me. There can be no dollar value placed on the pain and suffering I have caused my family and friends, my employees and customers my investors, and everyone else who has looked up to me in the past. The humiliation and shame I feel is immeasurable. The dollar cost to my business and my reputation is incalculable.

Though Chahal will no longer remain CEO of his company, he will hardly become a pauper because of the board’s decision to terminate his employment. Chahal still owns a significant stake in RadiumOne, potentially even a majority of its stock. The company reportedly brings in about $100 million per year, so Chahal almost certainly remains a rich man — even if he is no longer running the company.