Federal Judge Accused Of Assaulting His Wife Strikes A Deal To Avoid Charges

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Last month, Federal District Judge Mark Fuller was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges after he allegedly assaulted his wife at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta. Fuller is a George W. Bush-appointee to the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama. His wife reportedly had visible cuts at the time of his arrest.

Fuller, however, will almost certainly escape this incident with a clean record. On Friday, Fuller agreed to a plea bargain requiring him to “undergo a once a week family and domestic violence program for 24 weeks.” He will also need to be evaluated to determine if he has a drug or alcohol problem. Once he completes these requirements, the record of his arrest will be expunged.

A few days after Fuller’s arrest, the federal appeals court which oversees Alabama announced that “[e]ffective immediately, all legal matters filed with the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama that are pending before Judge Fuller will be reassigned to other judges in accordance with standard procedures for the assignment of cases. No new legal matters will be assigned to Judge Fuller until further notice.” The only way to strip Fuller of his judicial rank and his salary, however, is through impeachment by Congress.