Protesters Shut Down Shopping Centers To Demand Justice For Michael Brown

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Georgetown Protest 3

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Hundreds of protesters marched down the major commercial hub of Georgetown, DC on Saturday morning demanding justice for Michael Brown, the 18-year-old teenager who was killed by a police officer on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Missouri. On Monday night, a grand jury failed to indict office Darren Wilson, leading to protest actions across the country.


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Chanting “no justice, no profit,” “we shut shit down,” “racist cops, shut them down, justice for Michael Brown,” and “out of the shop, into the streets,” the group made its way down sparsely populated M Street as shoppers from some of the priciest stores, including Diesel and Banana Republic, looked on. Some people dropped their shopping and actually joined the crowd. The group eventually got out of the street and began marching on the sidewalks chanting, “Who’s streets? Our streets.”


CREDIT: Screenshot via UnToldCarlisle’s stream.

Participants also held signs reading “Justice for Michael Brown” and “Stand With The People Of Ferguson.” Speakers urged attendees to fight for a more equitable justice system by getting better “folks elected.” Others claimed, “It’s not just about Mike Brown. It is about white supremacy” and racism within the larger system.


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At one point, a white man began yelling and taunting the crowd with racial slurs. He was escorted away by police, but it was unclear if he was arrested. Another man on a bike expressed solidarity with the protesters but questioned the wisdom of shutting down the commercial district. He was criticized of co-opting the protest.


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The protest has moved to the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Virginia. The protesters walked through the mall, chanting “no justice, no profit.”


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The group takes over the Macy’s chanting “black lives matter.”


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The protesters stage a 4-minute die in at the food court. One minute for every hour that Mike Brown laid on the ground.

Die in

CREDIT: Screenshot via UnToldCarlisle’s stream

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