Student Brutally Beaten By Cops Prompts Large Protests At UVA

CREDIT: Charlottesville Police/CBS6

A junior at the University of Virginia was brutally beaten by police on Tuesday night after allegedly trying to enter a bar with a fake ID.

The student, Martese Johnson, sustained “a head injury requiring 10 stitches,” according to a statement released by the Black Student Alliance. The BSA release states that a “mass of University students bore witness to the officer’s animalistic, insensitive, and brute handling of Martese. He was left with his blood splattered on the pavement of University Avenue.”

The group also released a photo of Johnson after the incident:

Cavalier Daily, the student newspaper, obtained video of some of the incident. In the video, Johnson, apparently after being beaten, can be heard yelling at the cops, “I go to UVA! You fucking racists!…How did this happen?:”

According to a statement from a lawyer representing Johnson, Daniel P. Watkins, he was charged with “obstructing justice without force” and “profane swearing and/or intoxication in public.” Johnson, according to his lawyer, was not charged with possessing false identification.

A large number of students are gathered at University of Virginia on Wednesday night to protest Johnson’s treatment.

Governor Terry McAuliffe released a statement saying he was “concerned by reports of this incident” and called for a thorough investigation.