George Zimmerman Involved In Shooting, Fourth Violent Incident Since Killing Trayvon Martin


Police in Lake Mary, Florida confirmed this afternoon that George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in 2012, was involved in another shooting on Monday.

Details of the incident are murky. The Lake Mary Police Chief, Steve Bracknell, said that “the shooting may have been related to an ‘ongoing dispute‘ involving Zimmerman and another person.” Later, Bracknell said that “Zimmerman did not shoot, but the other person involved shot at him.”

According to Zimmerman’s attorney, a bullet missed Zimmerman’s head and he suffered minor injuries from broken glass and debris. A news helicopter appeared to show a bullet hole in the passenger window of Zimmerman’s vehicle.

In private emails obtained by ThinkProgress in 2013, Bracknell agreed that Zimmerman was a “ticking time bomb.” In this case, ZImmerman may have been simply a victim.

This is the latest of several violent incidents Zimmerman has been involved in since his acquittal for Martin’s shooting in 2013. Zimmerman has been arrested three times — in September 2013, November 2013 and January 2015 — in connection with alleged domestic violence incidents. In all cases, police either declined to charge him or eventually dropped the charges after the women involved stopped cooperating or recanted.


This piece has been updated with further details from the Lake Mary Police Chief.

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The lawyer for the man who allegedly shot Zimmerman says he “acted in self-defense.” He did not provide details of the incident, however.

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