Local Homeowners Defend Texas Cops Who Brutalized Black Teens At Pool Party

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The police’s brutal treatment of black teens attending a pool party in McKinney, Texas has sparked a nationwide outrage. The video shows officer Eric Casebolt grabbing 15-year-old Dajerria Becton, unarmed and wearing a bikini, by the hair and wrestling her to the ground. The seven-minute clip, posted Saturday, has already been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube and the incident was the number one trending topic in the United States on Twitter for much of Sunday.

But a reporter for Fox4 in Dallas, Zahid Arab, interviewed local homeowners who witnessed the incident and defended the officers’ conduct. These homeowners, according to Arab, say they believe the “officers’ safety was at risk.”

One of these homeowners appeared on camera, but allowed only her hands to be filmed. “I feel absolutely horrible for the police and what’s going on… they were completely outnumbered and they were just doing the right thing when these kids were fleeing and using profanity and threatening security guards,” she said.

This homeowner defended the police in McKinney but wouldn't be shown on camera.

This homeowner defended the police in McKinney but wouldn’t be shown on camera.

CREDIT: Screenshot

The community pool also put up a sign thanking the officers:

Earlier, BuzzFeed reported that the incident may have began when adult residents made racist comments to black children attending the pool party:

Teens at the pool party told BuzzFeed News the police were called after a fight broke out between adults and youths at the pool after the adults made racist comments telling the black children to leave the area and return to ‘Section 8 [public] housing.’

Arab also interviewed Dajerria Becton, the girl in the video who was wrestled to the ground. “I don’t think he should have pulled a gun out on 15-year-old kids… Him getting fired isn’t enough,” she said.