Internet Rallies Around Ahmed Mohamed, The Muslim Boy Arrested For Making A Clock

CREDIT: Twitter

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was placed in handcuffs and interrogated by police for hours, after he brought a digital clock he built as a project to school. Administrators at the school suspected it was a bomb.

Mohamed’s story, first published in the Dallas Morning News, has unleashed a tidal wave of support online. Using the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed, supporters are posting photos of themselves with clocks.

Twitter summarized the online phenomena:

The online reaction included tweets from Hillary Clinton and President Obama:

Mark Zuckerberg also invited Ahmed to meet him at Facebook.

On Wednesday, police announced that no charges would be filed against Ahmed. Still, Larry Boyd, the police chief for Irving Texas, insisted that the device was a “hoax bomb” and not a clock, as Ahmed maintained. Boyd denied that Ahmed’s skin color was a factor in the police reaction. The case is considered closed.

Ahmed and his family are considering their own legal options and were consulting with an attorney today.