If You Feel Like There Is A Mass Shooting Every Day, That’s Because There Basically Is


Emergency response vehicles near the scene of a mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA, on Tuesday.

In 2015, the longest America has gone without a mass shooting happening somewhere was eight days. The country has gone three or more days without a mass shooting just 14 times so far this year, according to ThinkProgress analysis of the data collected by ShootingTracker.com.

The 8-day streak in mid-April was the only time Americans passed a full week between mass shootings this year according to the site. In June, the United States literally failed to go more than a single day between mass shootings.

The latest streak ended early Wednesday when four were shot in Savannah, GA. This afternoon, Wednesday became the 82nd day of the year to date with more than one mass shooting, as at least one still-unidentified shooter killed 14 and injured another 14 in San Bernardino, CA.

While there have been 128 days without any mass shootings in the year to date, there have been 82 days with multiple such shootings. In total, there have been 355 mass shootings in just 336 days since the calendar rolled over, according to the Washington Post. That’s already more than occurred in all of 2014 and is on pace to surpass the 2013 total too, the paper notes.

Both the Post and the separate tracking website require at least four victims — wounded and killed combined, including the gunman — to record a gun violence incident as a “mass” shooting. It’s likely that there would be even fewer and shorter stretches of peaceful time on America’s calendar if episodes of gun violence with three victims were counted.