Mock Mass Shooting By Pro-Gun Activists Drowned Out By Farts

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A “mock mass shooting” held adjacent to the campus of University of Texas at Austin was drowned out by a much larger group of counter-protesters armed with fart guns.

The mock shooting was organized by a group that advocates for the open carry of guns on campus under the banner of the website DontComply.com. The group bragged that the event, which was sparsely attended, “went perfect.”

Police & Media Arrive Too Late For Mock Mass Shooting

Police & Media Arrive Too Late For Mock Mass Shooting

Posted by Dan Olivaw on Saturday, December 12, 2015

After the event, the small group held a march with “several members openly carrying real assault-style rifles.”

But the mock shooting was largely eclipsed by a large group of counter-protesters making farting sounds. The “mass farting” was organized by UT alumnus Andrew Dobbs who billed the dueling events as “a choice between fear and a little bit of good humor.”

While just a handful of people attended the mock shooting, Dobbs counter-protest attracted about a hundred people shouting slogans like “We fart in your general direction.”

Under Texas law, licensed gun owners will be able to “openly carry their handguns” on campus starting in 2016.

Murdoch Pizgatti, who organized the mass shooting, was openly carrying a handgun on Saturday. Pizgatti “repeatedly cited a law passed in 2013 that protects those who ‘accidentally’ expose their concealed gun. ‘Whoops!’ he said, laughing.”