Ammon And Ryan Bundy Arrested In Oregon; One Militant Dies In Shootout With Law Enforcement

CREDIT: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Six members of the militia occupying the Malheur National Refuge, including Ammon Bundy, were taken into custody Tuesday night following a shooting nearby, according to the FBI.

The Harney County District Hospital in Burns, Oregon is on lockdown, and a section of the highway is also closed. The altercation occurred at about 4:25 PM local time, when the militia was on its way to a meeting in John Day, a neighboring town.

The FBI released a statement confirming that one militant died in a shootout. Another militant sustained “non life-threatening” injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Bundy and his militia have been occupying the federal property since the beginning of January, and law enforcement has been hesitant to remove them. But conflicts with local residents have escalated recently; members of the occupation have torn down their fences and reportedly vandalized other property in the town. Locals have grown angrier at the lack of action to remove the militia.

Two other militia members were arrested last week when they stole federal vehicles to drive to Safeway. Meanwhile, the militia has been trying to convene their own justice system to attempt to arrest local officials.

There are reportedly still members of the militia at the refuge and it’s unclear what impact tonight’s events will have on the ongoing occupation.


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