The Best Thing About ‘Gravity’

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"The Best Thing About ‘Gravity’"

8:18 pm

The Best Thing About 'Gravity'

A moment ago, ABC’s Jess Cagle was talking about which movies have the most overall nominations: Gravity and American Hustle top the list. Something I thought about Gravity at the moment, which I wish I’d discussed more fully in my review, is why the movie’s 3D is so effective. Most of the folks who make 3D movies are convinced that it’s most powerful when it’s used to simulate the effect of flinging objects or people at the audience. Gravity does the opposite. It uses its 3D effects to pull the audience into the screen, to make you feel the immensity of space that lies beyond it. That’s a simple observation, but I think it’s an important one. And I hope that more 3D filmmakers grasp that insight. It’s an important way to make audiences actually feel the scale of a genuinely epic picture, instead of convincing us that 3D is just a cheap parlor trick that studios and theaters are using to charge us more for tickets.

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