‘Frozen’ Wins For Best Animated Feature

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"‘Frozen’ Wins For Best Animated Feature"

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'Frozen' Wins For Best Animated Feature

'Frozen's Anna with her Prince Not-So-Charming, Hans.

‘Frozen’s Anna with her Prince Not-So-Charming, Hans.

CREDIT: Disney

The Wind Rises is the next movie on my to-see list, so I can’t weigh in on whether or not Frozen‘s trophy is justified. But I quite liked Frozen, which I thought was a really nice illustration of a movie that works beautifully for both adults and children. Disney movies can go one of two ways. The plot can be oriented largely towards themes that are revelatory only to children, while being surrounded with jokes that resonate with adults–this is sort of the Dreamworks formula, too. And then there are movies that trust children to handle difficult concepts, like the idea that siblings can hurt each other really badly, or that power isn’t always a gift if you don’t find a way to handle it responsibly.

Frozen falls solidly into the latter category. I don’t know if it’s an all-time great, but it’s very strong, and the sequence around “Let It Go,” which is nominated for Best Song, is one of the strongest, most exciting things I’ve seen on film this year. And as I wrote earlier this year, the movie’s riff on Prince Charming myths, and what makes a romantic interest Charming, is a smart, sweet intervention in the genre’s romantic fantasies. Lots of adults seem to have seen Frozen already. I hope this win means that more will, and that Disney takes the lesson that children can handle bigger ideas than are often served up for them.

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