In Defense Of Pink

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"In Defense Of Pink"

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In Defense Of Pink

Pink at the premiere of 'Thanks For Sharing.'

Pink at the premiere of ‘Thanks For Sharing.’

CREDIT: AP Images/Todd Williamson

I took a pause to just listen to Pink sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” and was a little sad to come back to Twitter to find folks complaining that her unadorned, emotional performance, was just more filler. I constantly find the treatment of Pink as just another pop tart utterly bizarre. Her contralto range alone would distinguish her from many of her peers, and that’s not even taking into account her interest in blues and rock, or the way she claimed her own image back from a label that initially tried to market her as a ratchet white girl in a way that Miley Cyrus might have envied. She’s just an incredibly solid performer who makes songs that are routinely fun without being cheap or trendy. And that was nice, in a show that thus far has been relatively slack, and unfortunately commercial.

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