Republican Senate Candidate Says He Supports Repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

ron-johnson-wisconsin-240mh090510Ron Johnson, the Republican candidate challenging Sen. Russ Fiengold (D-WI) this November said that he supports ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell but would want to see the results of the Pentagon’s study group before voting to end the ban against openly gay and lesbian servicemembers:

“I would like to see what the input of the military is before I would vote on something like that and I’m happy to take their information, either way,” Johnson said.

He said if the military’s conclusion is to get rid of the ban and the findings are convincing, he would vote for the repeal.

If elected, Johnson would then be one of two other Republicans — Sens. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Susan Collins (R-ME) — to publicly voice support for ending the ban. Sens. Scott Brown (R-MA), Dick Lugar (R-IN) and George Voinovich (R-OH) are more likely than other Republicans to vote against the policy. Other than Collins, however, all of the other Republican Senators have (like Johnson) hinged their support on a positive study from the Pentagon’s Working Group.

Feingold, however, supports the existing amendment that already accommodates the Pentagon’s review and voted to end its filibuster in the Senate on Tuesday.


He may support repealing DADT, but as AmericaBlog points out, he’s against when he testified against legislation “aimed at making it easier for victims of childhood sexual abuse to sue their abusers.”

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