NOM Tries To Link Its Anti-Marriage Message To Economic Anxieties

In an election year relatively devoid of LGBT campaign issues, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) — a conservative group that lobbies against marriage equality — has launched a new attack ad against New Hampshire Governor John Lynch (D), who last year signed a law legalizing same-sex marriages in the state. The ad alleges that Lynch broke his promise on taxes, prison reform and same-sex marriage, the latter of which has now allowed him to raise “thousands” form “out-of-state gay marriage activists“:

ANNOUNCER: And gay marriage?

LYNCH: I do not support gay marriage.

ANNOUNCER: Lynch signed gay marriage into law and now he’s raising thousands from out-of-state gay marriage activists. John Lynch has changed but not for the better.

Watch it:

Lynch’s campaign claims that the governor simply listened to the needs of his constituents, 55 percent of whom now say they support same-sex marriage (despite efforts by conservatives to repeal the law.) But it’s an interesting commentary on the state of anti-gay activism when NOM — which has fared horribly in recent elections — is forced to pair its ‘traditional marriage’ message with an economic/spending package (i.e. something voters actually care about).