Anti-Gay Ugandan Tabloid Exposes ‘More Homos’

Just days after Ugandan Member of Parliament David Bahatai, the author of Uganda’s anti-gay bill, told CNN International that he is “confident” that the law will move forward, Rolling Stone — an anti-gay Ugandan tabloid not affiliated with the American magazine — published a second issue outing gay and lesbian Ugandans. Last month, the newspaper printed photographs of what it called Uganda’s “top” 100 gays, alongside yellow banner that read “Hang Them.”

The second edition claims that the anti-gay bill introduced by Bahati will move forward “as soon as the country starts drilling oil to sustain its own economy,” freeing itself from donors who have pressured the government to shelve the legislation. Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin has obtained a copy of the paper, which alleges, among other things:

– “[H]omosexuality is more dangerous than smoking as it reduces one’s lifespan by 24 years.”

– “[S]ome homosexuals in gay organizations are bribing teachers in schools to brainwash kids towards a bi-sexual orientation…Their target is to recruit at least 1 million kids by 2012 – is your kid safe?”

– “Homosexuality involves ‘fisting’ where one puts a hand in the rectum and may end up destroying it, causing fatal injuries, inflammation and transmission of HIV. No wonder homosexuals usually seal the butts with tiny pillows — to save the shattered buttocks from pain if they were to sit on a wooden chair.”

Despite several reports that Rolling Stone’s first issue led to at least four attacks against Ugandans, this issue notes, “we are sternly warning public not to attack homosexuals though there is no such case on record, but to report them to police for action.” Meanwhile, Burroway writes that “a similar outing campaign is currently taking place in at least one other tabloid Onion (also unrelated to the U.S. satirical paper by the same name). We also hear that Red Pepper [another tabloid] may also have launched a campaign as well.”


The Guardian is reporting that a Ugandan judge has “ordered a Kampala newspaper to stop publishing photographs, names and addresses of gay people after a campaign group sought a legal injunction.”

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