State Marriage Watch: Another Senator Commits To Voting For Marriage Equality In Maryland

Maryland inches closer to passing marriage-equality in the State Senate, while Indiana postpones a Valentines Day vote to outlaw same-sex marriage and civil unions. That’s in today’s State Marriage Watch:

— MARYLAND: Sen. Edward J. Kasemeyer said that he will support legalizing same-sex marriage, “bringing the bill to within one vote of the number needed for passage in his chamber.” Advocates of marriage equality “believe that they have the 29 votes needed to cut off debate in the chamber and vote. The bill is expected to be voted out of committee this Thursday.”

— COLORADO: State Sen. Pat Steadman has introduced a measure that would bring civil unions to the state. Coloradans voted in 2006 “to ban same-sex marriage by passing Amendment 43, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman, but polls show deep support in the state for civil unions. Last year two national polling firms, Greenberg Quinlan Rossner and American Viewpoint, found support for civil unions in the 70 percent and 80 percent range. This year Public Policy Polling found roughly 72 percent of Coloradans supported civil unions.” Steadman’s bill should easily pass in the Democratic-controlled state Senate. The measure should pass the Democratically-controlled Senate, but may face more difficulty in the House where Republicans hold a one seat majority.

— MICHIGAN: Reps. Jeff Irwin and Sen. Rebekah Warren introduced “bills in both houses of the state legislature to allow unmarried couples, including gay couples, to adopt children in Michigan.” “Studies have shown the importance to children of maintaining a safe, loving home with two stable parents,” Rep Irwin said in a press release. “This bill removes legal hurdles for unmarried couples who want to provide legal rights for themselves and their adopted children.”

— NEW HAMPSHIRE: On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee will consider two bills that would repeal New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage law. “House Republican Leader D.J. Bettencourt has said he will ask the Judiciary Committee to keep the bills until next year, but hearings must be held this year under House rules.”

— INDIANA: The House was expected to approve a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage and civil unions, but the vote has been delayed to allow more members an opportunity to co-sponsor the measure.

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