State LGBT Watch: Trans Protections Advance In CT, Face Challenges in TN

Another mix of good and bad news from the states, as the Arkansas Supreme Court overturns Act 1, the 2008-passed ban on same-sex adoption, and civil unions advance in Delaware.

– ARKANSAS: In a unanimous decision, the state Supreme Court ruled that the state’s ban on same-sex adoption, passed by referendum in 2008, is unconstitutional. The decision relied primarily on citizens’ right to privacy. Proponents of the ban have called the decision “anti-child.”

– CONNECTICUT: Earlier this week, the legislature’s Judiciary Committee advanced a bill that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

– DELAWARE: The state Senate passed a bill offering civil unions for same-sex couples. The measure is also expected to pass the House before the end of next week, despite robo calls from opponents of the measure.

– MARYLAND: The Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee held hearings yesterday on a bill that would end transgender discrimination, but has not yet voted to advance it to the full Senate, where the Senate President has promised to expedite it.

– MONTANA: State Rep. Ken Peterson (R) helped block a measure that would have scrubbed the state’s unconstitutional sodomy laws from the books, insisting “homosexual acts” should still be prosecuted so that “homosexuals can’t go out into the heterosexual community and try to recruit people or try to enlist them in homosexual acts.”

– NORTH CAROLINA: The House of Representatives has introduced a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

– TENNESSEE: The state legislature moved swiftly to advance a bill blocking cities from protecting LGBT people from discrimination, after Nashville approved such a measure earlier this week. The Family Action Council of Tennessee continues to push its “bathroom predator” video.

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