NOM Privately Threatens Defector With Lawsuit, While Publicly Claiming ‘He Has Very Little Effect On Us’

Former National Organization for Marriage (NOM) strategist Louis Marinelli — who has defected from the group and is now actively supporting same-sex marriage — says that the group’s president, Brian Brown is trying to intimidate and silence him by threatening legal action. From Mike Signorile:

…I’ve received a message or two from Brian, who basically has – he’s trying to intimidate me to stop talking. He’s saying that if I don’t remove the posts I’ve posted on my site and I don’t stop telling the truth about who they are he may pursue legal action…I considered it an intimidation tactic…On two occasions he wrote me a message saying if I don’t comply with his wish that I remove certain posts from the site…that he would have no option but to pass it on to his attorneys and pursue legal action.

Brown’s tactics suggest that Marinelli can do some real harm to the organization and contrast sharply to how Brown addressed the question last Monday, when I spoke to him in Iowa:

VOLSKY: I saw stuff on the internet about the bus driver for the NOM tour suddenly changing sides. What is that all about?

BROWN: Well, you know, people can choose what position they want on marriage. The bus driver on our tour evidently decided that he would like to redefine marriage. This is a free country and we’re going to continue. [He] has very little effect on us. We’re going to continue standing up for marriage. He was never an employee of NOM and you know we’re united in doing what’s necessary to make sure marriage is protected throughout the country.

Watch it:

The organization released a similar ‘no skin off our nose’ statement when Marinelli’s comments first became public. “Louis Marinelli worked in a volunteer capacity as a bus driver during our summer marriage tour. Around this time, NOM began to pay him as a part-time consultant for helping us expand our internet reach. He has since chosen a different focus. We wish him well.”

Marinelli developed NOM’s summer marriage tour and managed the group’s online outreach efforts through Twitter and Facebook.