Progressive Chaplain Responds To Anti-Gay Chaplains’ Bigotry

We reported last week about anti-gay military chaplains seeking special privilege to continue promoting stigma and prejudice after DADT is repealed. Yesterday, Capt. John F Gundlach, a retired Navy chaplain and member of the Forum on the Military Chaplaincy, decried the complaints as a pursuit of bigotry, not liberty:

So where is the threat to religious freedom? And where could their right to free speech be limited? It will no longer be acceptable to speak about fellow gay and lesbian service members in demeaning ways in the workplace and other public settings. The fact that this has ever been acceptable by anyone anywhere, but especially by chaplains, is regrettable. And chaplains from the religious groups who are now demanding protection from discrimination have been some of the worst offenders. They, and others who agree with them, may continue to think and believe what they want, but outside of those areas where their religious speech is protected, they may now have to keep their bigotry to themselves.