AP Article Reinforces Conservatives’ Absurd Victim Meme

Opponents of LGBT equality have claimed for years that they are the victims in the debate, suggesting that extending rights to gays and lesbians would infringe upon their “religious freedom” to discriminate against them. They also take umbrage at being called “haters” and “bigots.” Today, an AP article attempting to tell this story serves only to reinforce the absurd notion that there is any legitimacy to this self-victimizing rhetoric.

Rather than recognize the historic and systemic oppression and violence against the LGBT community, AP reporter David Crary instead gives multiple anti-LGBT groups (including several hate groups) a pedestal for propagating their lies. Here are the individuals Crary invited to whine that their bigotry is not well-received:

JIM CAMPBELL (Alliance Defense Fund): The ADF regularly spreads negative stereotypes about the LGBT community as part of their legal “defense” of Christian hegemony.

RICHARD BARNES (New York State Catholic Conference): The Catholic Conference has defended the vitriolic rhetoric of Sen. Rubén Díaz (D) and been a primary opponent of marriage equality in New York.

CHUCK COLSON (The Manhattan Declaration): In addition to signing the odious Manhattan Declaration (a willful commitment to ignore any laws that protect same-sex couples’ equality), Colson, a convicted felon from the Watergate Scandal, regularly condemns LGBT people.

ALAN CHAMBERS (Exodus International): Exodus International is perhaps the most dangerous anti-gay propaganda machine, reinforcing the harmful junk science that same-sex orientations are disordered and can be changed.

ROBERT GEORGE (National Organization for Marriage): Crary neglects to even mention George’s connection to NOM, let alone that he is, in fact, its chairman and cofounder. NOM regularly reinforces the victim meme by distorting supposed “consequences” of LGBT equality. It’s no surprise George helped draft the Manhattan Declaration.

The LGBT activists included in the piece — Evan Wolfson (Freedom to Marry), Fred Sainz (Human Rights Campaign), Evan Hurst (Truth Wins Out) and James Esseks (ACLU’s gay rights project) — all have to play defense against the claim that it’s the gay rights who are bullies.

But is it the opponents of marriage equality who are fighting for legal protections against discrimination? Is it the conservative Christians who have an annual day of remembrance to mourn those who’ve been lost to violence? Is it heterosexuals who are disproportionately impacted by bullying related to sexual orientation?

No. If Crary wanted to tell the true story about how “some gay-rights foes claim they are now bullied,” he would have done better to point out that the claim is a farce.


The article this post refers to has been taken down. According to the editor, “This story was mistakenly published on Wednesday on ahead of Sunday’s release date. We regret the error. Please check back on Sunday to read this story.

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The article can now be found here.

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