Tea Party Nation: Same-Sex Marriage ‘Will Become One More Factor In The Destruction Of America’

Tea Party leaders argue the country “can ill afford the discussion about social issues when it is passing on enormous debts to future generations,” but the Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman points to more evidence that Tea Party activists are more concerned about social issues than they let on. Last night, as President Obama addressed an LGBT fundraiser in New York and Albany contemplated voting on same-sex marriage legislation, the Tea Party Nation sent out this post from Alan Caruba, a right-wing activist who “once called marriage equality ‘an act of societal suicide.” In it, Caruba warns activists about the dangers of the “queering” of America:

I can speak only for myself, but I find all this activity to legalize “gay marriage” and to introduce a gay agenda into the curriculums in the nation’s schools a distinct threat to the fabric of a society based on the undisputed normality of heterosexuality. I am pretty sure the “straight” citizens of Boston and elsewhere find it offensive to host a gay parade.

I believe the greater society has a right to protect itself, its children and its military forces against these legislative intrusions, mandates and coercions to force acceptance upon it. If it continues, it will become one more factor in the destruction of America, a signal that its moral foundations continue to be eroded.

Candidates for elected office and those holding such offices should be challenged and removed when they advocate and vote for the queering of America.

The Tea Party Nation has previously described social issues as “just not something that’s on our radar;” the group focuses on economic issues in hopes of attracting a broader conservative/libertarian coalition and appealing to more independent voters. But emails like this one serve as reminders that their core constituency espouses traditional Republican social beliefs — and Tea Party groups are not shy about shoring up that base. According to a February poll from the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life, “While registered voters as a whole are closely divided on same-sex marriage (42 percent in favor, 49 percent opposed), Tea Party supporters oppose it by more than two-to-one (64 percent opposed, 26 percent in favor). Similarly, almost six-in-10 (59 percent) of those who agree with the Tea Party say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, 17 percentage points higher than among all registered voters.”