New York Senate Democrats Call For A Vote On Marriage

Despite promising to convene at 10 a.m., the New York Senate remained adjourned throughout the morning and early afternoon as Republicans discussed property tax and mandate relief. Senate Republican deputy majority leader Thomas W. Libous told the New York Times that “negotiations were on track” and that he expected votes on most issues early Friday afternoon. Asked whether gay marriage could be voted on Friday, Mr. Libous said yes. “Nobody wants to stay here tomorrow,” he said.

Meanwhile, three Democratic senators held a press conference calling on Republicans to live up to their promise and bring the issue to a vote:

WGRZ also reports that Sen. Mark Grisanti (R) — “who is viewed by many as the potential swing vote on the issue” — texted the station that “he still hasn’t made up his mind on how he would vote, and isn’t even sure when it might come to the floor if at all today.” “In a phone conversation with 2 On Your Side Wednesday, the freshman lawmaker acknowledged that he ran for office on a platform which included a pledge ‘not’ to support gay marriage, but says he’s done a lot of study since then which has led him to become undecided…which is why this is such a difficult decision for him.” Thirty-one senators have publicly pledged to support the measure, which needs 32 votes to pass.