Hillary Clinton Speaks Out In Favor Of New York Marriage Equality Vote

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came very close to endorsing same-sex marriage during this morning’s State Department LGBT pride event. Clinton made the case that personal experiences and connections with gay people usually nudge reluctant lawmakers to support marriage equality:

CLINTON: If we can convince people to speak out about their own personal experience, particularly in their own families, it does begin to change the dialogue. If you followed closely the debate in New York, one of the key votes that was switched at the end was a Republican senator from the Buffalo area who became convinced that it was just not any longer fair for him to see one group of his constituents as different from another. Senators stood up and talked about nieces and nephews and grandchildren and others who are very dear to them, and they don’t want them being objectified and discriminated against. From their own personal connections and relationships, they began to make the larger connection with somebody else’s niece or nephew or grandchild and what that family must feel like. So we have to continue to stand up for the rights and the well-being of LGBT people.

Watch it:

Hillary Clinton is the only Clinton family member who has not publicly come out in support of same-sex marriage.