New York State Senator Who Opposed Same-Sex Marriage Will Now Be Profiting From It

NY Sen. Marty Golden (R)

New York State Sen. Marty Golden (R) — the only Brooklyn senator to vote against New York’s same-sex marriage law — has condemned homosexuality as “plain wrong!,” claiming that it would lead to the “destruction of the sacrament of marriage.” But as L Magazine notices, the Senator is more than happy to profit from it: a catering hall that Golden once owned and is still personally invested in is willing to cash in on the marriage equality gold rush and host gay and lesbian wedding receptions:

To find out if the staff at the Bay Ridge Manor — which Golden owned before selling it to a relative in 2003 — shared the legislator’s beliefs, two of our male reporters stopped by the 76th Street catering hall on Wednesday, identifying themselves as same-sex partners looking for a place to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

But instead of showing them the door, a manager didn’t bat an eye and immediately spread out a few pamphlets on the desk, outlining the various catering packages that ranged from $60 a head for a “hot smorgasbord” buffet to $95 a head for a cocktail reception and a full dinner with choices of filet mignon and pan-seared yellow fin tuna steak. The manager was courteous and open to hosting the event at the manor — which features a ballroom with crystal chandeliers — and never commented on the reporters’ apparent sexual orientation.”

Golden’s wife still works as an administrator at Bay Ridge Manor and its earnings are one of the Senator’s main sources of income. —Sean Savett