Ruben Diaz Touts Support Of Woman Who Claimed Homosexuality Is More Threatening Than Terrorism

Sen. Rubén Díaz was proud to be the only Democrat who voted against marriage equality in New York last month. In the lead-up to the vote, he welcomed religious leaders to his anti-equality rally who said gay people “are worthy of death,” lied about the religious protections in the original bill, and scapegoated his lesbian granddaughter to excuse his intolerance. Now, he’s reaching out to thank the people who have supported him for wearing his anti-equality “badge of honor.” Most of the support he’s gotten is anonymous, but two notable names on the list include Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R):

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan: “I have read your July 7 piece. Bravo! Consider me a grateful ally who admires you deeply. In Christ, +Timothy M. Dolan”

Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern: “Sen. Diaz, you are in my prayers. Three years ago I was the target of the homosexuals because of statements I made regarding the dangers of the homosexual agenda. So I know what you are going through. Continue to stand strong on God’s Word. What the homosexuals mean for evil toward you, God will use for His glory, your good, and the benefit of others. God bless you and your family.”

Dolan has constantly attacked the LGBT community during the New York marriage debate over the past few months, comparing same-sex marriage to incest, polygamy, and a community dictatorship, calling it “detrimental to the common good,” and suggesting that it will lead to changing the rules of America’s pastime. And among the many offensive things Kern has said and promoted, none stands out quite like her 2008 declaration that “the homosexual agenda is just destroying this nation” and that homosexuality poses a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism.

It seems Díaz is in good company.