Tea Party Nation Calls On Members To Stand With Bachmann’s Ex-Gay Clinics

Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman notices that the Tea Party Nation is increasingly embracing a reactionary social issues agenda at odds with its economic focus and is now calling on supporters to rally behind Michele Bachmann and her husband’s ex-gay clinics. In an email to activists, the group’s president Judson Phillips defended Marcus Bachmann’s description of gay people as “barbarians” and asked members to “stand with the Bachmanns“:

The liberal freak show is coming after Michele Bachmann. That is not much of a surprise. Bachmann is running a very disciplined campaign, encouraging conservatives and running with a conservative agenda. But now the left is coming after her.

The left wants to use the gay rights issue against her. Bachmann’s husband, Marcus is a therapist and according to the left, he has committed a horrible crime. He used therapy to help gays who did not want to be gay any more change. […] Most Americans do not believe gay marriage is a good thing. Most Americans do not believe homosexuality (which is only 1-3% of the population) is a good thing, though most Americans are tolerant of most things.

The left is not tolerant. The left never allows dissent. To the horror of Americans, Marcus Bachmann once referred to gays as “barbarians.”

Barbarians? If you are a conservative you have been called much worse and usually in much more obscene terms, for being a conservative.

The group joins a long list of conservative organizations in supporting Michele and Marcus Bachmann, reiterating the notion that at the root of almost all anti-gay policies is the misguided belief that gay people choose to be gay and can change their sexual orientation through prayer and therapy.