Focus On The Family Witness Admits Children Are Disadvantaged By Lack Of Protections For Same-Sex Couples

This morning, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is holding a hearing on the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Focus on the Family‚Äôs Tom Minnery — a strong opponent of marriage equality — admitted during the hearing that children living with same-sex parents are hindered by the lack of legal protections and benefits that are denied to them by DOMA:

LEAHY: Are they not disadvantaged by not having the same financial benefits that an opposite sex family would have?

MINNERY: Well, as I say, not knowing the details of which families you are speaking off, certainly children are better off with parents in the home.

LEAHY: Yes or no, it’s not a trick question — if you have parents legally married under the laws of the state — one set of parents are entitled to certain financial benefits for their children, the other set of parents are denied those same financial benefits for their children…are not those children of the second family, are they not at a disadvantage, yes or no?

MINNERY: That would be yes, as you asked the question earlier Senator.

Watch it: