‘Momentum Report’ Shows Important Progress But Continued Inequities

The Movement Advancement Project (MAP) has released its third biennial Momentum Report, which tracks the lives of LGBT people and the health of the LGBT movement. This year’s report shows a tremendous amount of progress, particularly in political opinion (such as improved polling on marriage equality) and key issues (like the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell). The report also includes many compelling maps that show the state-by-state improvements in LGBT equality over the past ten years. Interactive versions of the maps are available on MAP’s website as well.

While the progress and momentum are important,┬áMAP’s executive director, Ineke Mushovic, points out that success is a “double-edged sword” because it can bring “the risk of complacency” and the “false belief that LGBT people are actually equal.” Here are some of the inequities the report identifies that show how far the movement still has to go:

– FINANCIAL INEQUITY: LGBT Americans are more likely to be low-income or living in poverty, contrary to stereotype.

– HEALTH DISPARITIES: The LGBT community continues to face higher rates of being uninsured and lacking competent care.

RELATIONSHIP RECOGNITION: Same-sex couples still have no legal protections in 30 states and are still denied benefits from the federal government.

– EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION: LGB employees can still be fired for their sexual orientation in 29 states; transgender employees can still be fired for their gender identity in 35 states.

– SAFE SCHOOLS: There are 32 states that don’t have anti-bullying protections for sexual orientation and 35 that don’t protect for gender identity.

– RAISING CHILDREN: Seven states effectively ban second-parent adoption.

– NEGATIVE CLIMATE: Discrimination, violence, and stigma continue to interfere with the health and well-being of LGBT Americans.