Fox News’ Van Susteren Defends Binational Gay Couple Facing Deportation

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren expressed some sympathy for Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk, a binational married couple. Makk, who is from Australia, was denied permanent residency because the Defense of Marriage Act does not allow the federal government to recognize same-sex couples. Van Susteren took to her blog yesterday afternoon and condemned the decision:

One other personal, not legal, observation…these two men have been together 19 years….do you have any idea how many phoney applications are made by heterosexual foreigners who come to the USA, find a spouse (sometimes money is exchanged), marrying, getting a green card and then divorcing? It is a racket. We sure don’t try and stop those fraudulent relationships/marriages with any vigor. These two men, whether you are for or against, gay marriage, have been together 19 years (and yes, paying taxes!)


A Critical Mention search suggests that Fox News has yet to cover the story on its network.

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