West Defends ‘Ice Cream’ Remarks As Being About The Military

Claiming they were taken “out of context,” Rep. Allen West (R-FL) defended his remarks yesterday comparing sexual orientation to an ice cream flavor preference by reiterating his opposition to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:

I think that what I said is that is behavior, and so what I talked about is, look, I prefer or I like chocolate chip ice cream, and I’m not going against what someone prefers or has as their behavioral preference in their life. But when you start to understand about the United States military…the United States military serves one mission — that’s to fight and win our nation’s wars. And if we start to take the military and try to conform it to individual behaviors, no matter what those individual behaviors are, we’re going to lose the essence of what the United States military is.

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(HT: The New Civil Rights Movement.)