Marcus Bachmann Backtracks: Denies Using ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy, Claims He Never Called Gays ‘Barbarians’

Iowa State University Professor Warren Blumenfeld ran into Marcus Bachmann at the Iowa State Fair this weekend and cornered Michele’s husband about his claims that gay people are “barbarians” in need of “discipline” and allegations that the couple’s Christian counseling clinics practice “pray away the gay” reparative therapy. Remarkably, Bachmann denied both charges, despite abundant audio and video footage to the contrary:

BACHMANN: The word barbarian was never, ever…there is a myth out there that I don’t accept the homosexual community… I have never called the homosexual community barbarians and that’s a myth…I have never rejected…people can decide for themselves what they want and who they are, that I don’t have a problem with.

BLUMENFELD: But your mode of therapy is trying to convert them …trying to make people what they’re not. You’re trying to convert them to this dominant heterosexual…

BACHMANN: That’s absolutely not true. I do not use reparative therapy. None of our clinic therapists do. What we do is we counsel, we talk to them about whatever what they want to talk about. There is not a [inaudible] there is not a motivation to use anything close that comes to reparative therapy.

Watch it:

In fact, Bachmann’s denial even contradicts his own admission that the clinics would perform the discredited therapy if patients specifically requested it. In an interview with the Minnesota Star Tribune in July, Marcus “didn’t deny that he or other counselors at Bachmann & Associates have attempted to convert gay patients, but he said it is not a special interest of the business and would only be attempted at the client’s request. ‘Will I address it? Certainly we’ll talk about it,’ Bachmann said. ‘Is it a remedy form that I typically would use? … It is at the client’s discretion.'”

Earlier this summer, an undercover investigation by Truth Wins Out and a testimonial from one of the center’s patients confirmed long-standing rumors that Bachmann’s centers did practice so-called “ex-gay” or reparative therapy while receiving federal Medicaid funds. The centers also sells the autobiography of Janet Boynes, a self-proclaimed former lesbian.

Marcus also claimed that he never used the phrase “barbarians” and suggested that the interview had been doctored to embarrass the campaign. This too is not true.